Hedge Trimming, Topping and Layering

Hedging can provide more than just a boundary to your property

Some wildlife depends on hedges for food source and habitat.

Provide a wind barrier

  • Overgrown hedges can be topped to a preferred and reasonable height; the species will determine the severity of this.
  • Depending on the size of most deciduous hedges, they can be layered to control the height and thicken up the growth. It can also provide added security and privacy.
  • Topiary and hedges can be trimmed to size and shape on a one-off basis or through the season on an agreed schedule dependent on its species.
Hedge Trimming, Topping and Layering - Longacre Tree & Garden Services

Aftercare service is available keeping all systems running smoothly.

Illistration of an acorn see with oak leaves spreading out