Tree Surgery

Our arborist will give you the best advice and service to meet your needs explaining the specification for the works followed with a written report in full with details and specific quotation before works can commence. We are fully insured to carry out tree work and fully NPTC qualified

Tree work / Surgery - Longacre Tree & Garden Services
  • Tree preservation orders (TPOs) and Conservation Area Permission. Any tree with a trunk diameter in excess of 75mm at the height of 1.5meters could possibly be under a conservation area cover which will have restriction on works to a large area of trees . TPO’s are placed on individual trees. We can provide a complete service obtaining the permission for works to be carried out on behalf of our clients. Occasionally specifications might need to be amended after an application is approved. However this is unusual as our arborists are fully acquainted with planning strategy and local environmental concerns.
  • Tree Felling: This is unfortunate but in some cases inevitable, due to Health & Safety, planning, or landscape management. Our main objective is to save the tree wherever possible with surgery. We pride ourselves that serious consideration will be given before any removal is undertaken; we have extensive knowledge off pests and diseases that can affect a tree and where the removal of the tree is the only option.
  • Crown cleaning: Crown cleaning is the removal of dead, diseased, dying or damaged wood. It also includes the removal of crossing branches, dangerous epicormics growth, and climbing plants such as Ivy from the crown of the tree.
  • Crown lifting: Crown lift is the pruning of the lower branches of a tree to a specified height above ground level, providing an enlarged head clearance space. This can be for the clearance of vehicle access, pedestrians and buildings etc.
  • Crown reductions: Crown pruning is a technique used to reduce the size or circumference of the trees crown when the tree has grown too large for its surroundings. This involves reducing the branch lengths whilst maintaining the same basic shape of the tree.
  • Crown thinning: crown thinning is a procedure where we can remove branches from the centre of the tree to let wind pass through the tree more easily reducing the risk of being blown over in heavy winds. It’s also a great way of letting more light in to your property if you do not want to make the tree smaller
  • Stump grinding: We are have the skill and expertise to remove any size of tree stump at any location throughout South East. This method causes little disturbance and allows you to use the site straight away for replacement planting or other work you may request
Illistration of an acorn see with oak leaves spreading out